Smart asset checks.

On-demand checks on physical assets for businesses all over the world using a network of trusted local people.

From condition checks on properties, to proof of instalment checks for advertisers, and retail audits for brands, Shepper helps businesses of all sizes and industries collect accurate data they need quickly and efficiently.


We’ll take care of it

At Shepper we are revolutionising how businesses monitor and keep an eye on their most important assets by leveraging the power of our platform.

Through our vast international network and technology, we provide businesses with real-time, on the ground intel that’s actionable.

Shepper spot check homes and can then provide a really detailed report on behalf of us to the host and that’s very powerful.
— Freddie Blunt | Head of Operations, Airsorted

Shepper helps us to keep an eye on our national student campaign and ensures that everything is running smoothly and in place.
— Francisco Moreira | Marketing Director, LOVESPACE

How does it work?

Let us take care of your assets.

Let us help you create a custom checklist with our powerful platform so you can start collecting the data you need on your assets in a matter of hours not weeks. Our dedicated customer success team ensures everything goes to plan and we’ll quality assure every single report before it’s delivered back to you.


1. You book

You tell us when and what to check using your custom checklist. We cater for single checks to hundreds in a single order.

2. We check

Our platform intelligently matches the right Shepherd for the job. Checks are conducted accurately and quality assured by our team.

3. You get

Once approved, you receive a digital report with the data and insights you need.


Why use Shepper?

Reduce Cost

Reduce your inspection costs by leveraging the power and efficiency of our network.

Always On

On-demand same day? Monthly recurring? Our solution flexes around your needs.

Trusted Network

A managed and trained high quality network of trusted local people.

Tailored Solutions

We provide bespoke solutions to fulfil the specific needs of your business.


Join the community.

Join the Shepper network and choose when to work by picking up jobs local to you. Best of all you don’t need any previous experience and we offer full training and support to get you going and start earning.


Don’t just take our word for it…